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Tobacco Touch Eau De Parfum 80ml Alhambra

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A taste of true luxury perfum Tobacco Vanille eau de parfum sparks a sensorial journey. Its warm, spiced facets are nothing short of opulent, smouldering in the air like the ghost of a firework.

Centred around creamy Vanilla, the fragrance is charged with a sweet, silky twist. Tobacco Flower creates sensual smokes that tug at our senses, channelling the private, dusky glow of an English gentleman’s club.

Bathed in oriental notes, the scent is stirred by modern influences, succumbing to a rich, confident sillage. Wrapped with Wood Sap and Cocoa, indulgence is mandatory in this maze of pure intoxication. Poised, powerful and justly proud: reinvent the wheel with Tobacco touch iconic, spicy EDP.