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Rouge 5 Eau De Parfum 100ml Fragrance World

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Introducing Rouge 5 Eau De Parfum, a captivating fragrance that combines floral and spicy notes to create a truly mesmerizing scent. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of scents carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression.

This exquisite perfume, created by Fragrance World, is designed for both men and women, making it a versatile choice for individuals who appreciate fine fragrances. Inspired by Rosendo Mateu Nº 5 Floral, Amber, Sensual Musk by Rosendo Mateu Olfactive Expressions, it captures the essence of floral elegance and sensual warmth.

The fragrance family of Rouge 5 is amber floral, infusing warmth and floral sophistication into your presence. It is perfectly suited for the winter, autumn, and spring seasons, enveloping you in a captivating aura of elegance all year round.

The top notes of floral and spices create a vibrant and invigorating opening, while the middle notes of pink clove and white floral add a touch of femininity and depth. The base notes of vanilla, amber, and powdery accord provide a warm and sensual foundation, leaving a captivating trail wherever you go.

As an Eau De Parfum, this perfume offers a long-lasting and intense scent experience. Its vaporisateur – natural spray ensures a fine mist of fragrance with each application, creating a delicate and even distribution of the scent.

The Rouge 5 Eau De Parfum comes in a convenient size of 90ml, allowing you to enjoy the captivating fragrance for an extended period. It is proudly made in Dubai, U.A.E., a city renowned for its dedication to crafting exceptional perfumes.

Fragrance notes

Top Notes: Floral, Spices

Middle Notes: Pink Clove, White Floral

Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Powdery

Rouge 5 Eau De Parfum 100ml Fragrance World
Rouge 5 Eau De Parfum 100ml Fragrance World Sale price£19.99