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No. 2 Men Eau De Parfum 80ml Alhambra

No. 2 Men Eau De Parfum 80ml Alhambra

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This designer perfume is top notch, it is made with Arabic oil which enables it last for more than 24 hours. It doesn't leave stains on clothes, it has an intriguing and inviting fragrance that will boost your appearance and confidence. This perfume will keep you fresh and nice all day long with an Oriental fragrance that will sparkle your passion with a feeling of fresh and nice aftermath. You can never go wrong with wearing this fragrance, it is ideal for every sassy lady and gentle man out there. Get back your self confidence and charisma with this one in a million fragrance, it is second to none and the price is pocket friendly. It comes in a handy bottle and will mos.

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