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Majmoua Al Raqia Bukhoor Fakhar 100 grm

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Bakhoor Majmoua Al Raqia is an amazing home fragrance which has a soothing effect at your place. Burning it carefully and properly is important to see the best results. It is a packet of bakhoor incense of 100 grams in it.

An amazing home fragrance to keep your place fresh and filled with fragrance. Ideal for prayer, meditation or any ceremony.

Beautifully packed in golden/silver jar, inside 100 grams bakhoor oud with perfume oils.

A treat for the senses fragrant woods, enriched with fine, aromatic oils.
Incense burning in the old Arab tradition as it is practised even today.
During burning incense on charcoal valuable fragrances are released and spread a relaxing lovely scent.