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liberty Fragrance Body Mist 250ml Fragrance World

liberty Fragrance Body Mist 250ml Fragrance World

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"Introducing Liberty Fragrance Body Mist by Fragrance World, a 250ml ode to freedom and expression. Embrace the spirit of individuality with each spritz, as this invigorating mist envelops you in a symphony of captivating scents. Discover the essence of liberation and confidence, bottled for your everyday adventures."

  • Top notes: A vibrant and uplifting blend that captures attention with its fresh and invigorating aroma, setting the stage for the fragrance experience.
  • Heart notes: The essence of the fragrance, where the main theme or character unfolds, possibly featuring floral, fruity, or herbal elements that evoke a sense of depth and complexity.
  • Base notes: Provides a lasting foundation for the scent, offering warmth, depth, and longevity with rich and comforting accords such as musk, amber, or vanilla, ensuring a memorable olfactory experience.
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