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Kismet Magic (Angel) 100ml Eau De Parfum Alhambra

Kismet Magic (Angel) 100ml Eau De Parfum Alhambra

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Discover Kismet Magic, previously known as Kismet Angel - a captivating Eau De Parfum created by Maison Alhambra / Lattafa. This 100ml scent embodies an air of intrigue and charm, encouraging you to embrace the enchantment that resides within.

  • Top Notes: Cognac, Woody
  • Middle/Heart Notes: Hazelnut, Warm Spicy
  • Base Notes: Oakwood, Sweet

Prominently featured in Kismet Magic are the alluring top notes of Cognac and Woody accords. These luxurious and enchanting scents produce a captivating introduction, enticing you to embark on a mesmerizing olfactory adventure.

At the core of this fragrance lies a captivating fusion of Hazelnut and Warm Spicy notes, infusing the composition with layers of depth and intricacy. These distinctive aromas create a cozy and inviting feeling, embracing you in a soothing cocoon.

Upon settling, the scent unveils underlying notes of Oakwood and Sweet accords, creating a captivating allure that exudes from Kismet Magic and captivates those around you. Its lingering trail of seduction is sure to leave a lasting impression, making it the perfect choice to bring with you on your next adventure.

Discover the captivating magic of Kismet Magic Eau De Parfum Alhambra, a fragrance that will transport you to a world of endless possibilities. Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of Maison Alhambra / Lattafa's rebranded masterpiece and unravel the secrets of destiny with every spritz.

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