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Golden Oud NEW EDITION Eau De Parfum 100ml Asdaaf

Golden Oud NEW EDITION Eau De Parfum 100ml Asdaaf

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Golden Oud carries a strong fragrance that opens up with energizing notes while having the base of jasmine, wood, musk and oud. Asdaaf perfumes are the perfect combination of spices, resins, exotic woods and essential oils. The root of this type of perfume is the aromatic notes of the oriental and woody groups. The main feature of Arabic perfumes is their sensuality, exoticism and intense scent. Arabic fragrances are usually more intense and stronger. Asdaaf perfumes by Lattafa are well developed with long-lasting fragrance particles as Arabian perfumes are having a history of long-lasting and smoky fragrances. Asdaaf perfumes are exotic and attractive enough that you can't resist them.

Top Note: fruity notes, amber, sandalwood
Middle Note: Oudh, violet, patchouli
Base Note: amber, oakmoss, vetiver, caramel, musk, vanilla

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