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Ana Abiyedh Poudree Eau De Parfum 60ml Lattafa

Ana Abiyedh Poudree Eau De Parfum 60ml Lattafa

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This perfume is ideal for women who want to leave around them a fine and sweet scent full of purity.

In the aroma of the perfume Ana Abiyedh Poudree there is a rich and sensual mixture of flowers, with delicate notes of mentholated lemon balm, for a dizzying experience that leaves you with a pleasant feeling of invigoration.

 Strong but refined notes combine to capture your senses, while enhancing your positive mood. There are sensual tones around them, and the unexpected floral touches complete the fragrance with softness and freshness.

 Ana Abiyedh Poudree can make time fly nicely even in those turbulent times. Designed for romance, Ana Abiyedh Pudree is a fragrance that you will want to return to again and again.

 You will feel feminine and pampered this season with our new fragrance, Ana Abiyedh Pudree. The perfect balance of the notes of this perfume will give you the mixture of femininity that you have been looking for all your life. Let us offer you a fragrant luxury this year!

Top notes: Tonka bean and Gaïac
Heart Notes: Saffron and Cardamom
Base Notes: White Musk and Cyprio Essential Oil, Vanilla

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